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Celestion appoints Miami Parts Import Inc. as the new distribution partner for Latin America & The Caribbean


Celestion, one of the world’s premier loudspeaker manufacturers for more than 80 years, is delighted to announce the appointment of Miami Parts Imports Inc. as their distribution partner for key Central and South American Territories.

Having identified Latin America as a key area for retail sales growth, and consistent with the company’s strategy of growing and strengthening their worldwide distribution partnerships, Celestion today announced the appointment of Miami Parts Imports Inc. as distribution partner for Central America, South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Suriname and Uruguay) and the Caribbean.

Based in Miami, Florida, Miami Parts Imports are a wholesale supplier of consumer electronics, spare parts and accessories. Established over forty years, they pride themselves on outstanding service, thanks to extensive experience importing and exporting high-quality audio products, as well as competitive pricing and strong relationships with their supplier manufacturers.

“We are very happy to be representing Celestion, and are confident that our extensive distribution network and strong reputation for high quality product and customer service will enable them to grow rapidly their brand presence throughout the region.” Commented Miami Parts Imports President, George Medeiros.

“This year we look forward to developing a robust and sustainable distribution business throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, that delivers long-term, consistent growth.” Explained Celestion Managing Director, Nigel Wood. “We value the experience and commitment to customer service of Miami Parts Imports and feel believe that together, through this partnership, we can offer high quality Celestion pro audio speakers to dealers and retailers throughout a significant portion of the region.”